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idbasolutions is an intuitive way of navigating Oracle database from a dba point of view, idbasolutions doesn’t just target database administrator, but it can be specially and extremely useful to other power users as well, such as developers, OS administrators or functional staff.

idbasolutions allows easy navigation to many corners of the Oracle database that many power users such as system administrator, application administrator, or IT managers with no deep or expert knowledge of Oracle database, can utilize and it will allow them to find their way to information that they could never dig up by their own, such as sessions information, database wait conditions, finding objects and so on. Displaying hard clear data, and no complicated hard to read charts.

Here are a few hot features of idbasolutions that might ignite your motivation to download and try our products, please note that idbasolutions has many other features not covered on this page; for more detail about each module, please navigate to Product Demo Tab and lookup each modules Power Point presentation.

Navigate Sessions:

Navigate database sessions from a wide variety of ways, such as by SID, or OS user or schema, or the one I like the most by OS PID.

Lookup a session by OS PID: On a large system when you know from Unix top or windows task manager the OS process that is currently hammering the system, it would be a lot faster to just look that session up by querying that OS PID and quickly see the associated SQL, execution plan and other important data vital to a swift resolution.

Other products offer sessions drilldown, which often just displays top sessions, which may or may not contain the session that you are trying to investigate. The list of session can be long and the amount of data displayed can be overwhelming and might take the DBA a while to visually locate the SID he or she is trying to investigate, as opposed to idbasolutions which allows you to lookup a session by SID, OS PID, schema, OS user or even from within the object lookup itself.

Often the DBA might be investigating a user session that might not be among the top sessions. The ability to lookup session by SID or OS PID makes idbasolutions significantly superior to other similar products on the market.

Navigate SQL:

Navigate history of high cost SQLs, map a given database object to SQL's referencing that object, or drill down to SQL from session, with detail execution path and convenient lookup object from the execution path window.

Navigate Locks:

Lookup object xyz and see session locks on that object then navigate to the session. When a DBA knows that a user process is waiting on table xyz which is possibly locked by another session, then DBA needs a point of entry to database locks by querying the table xyz and see right away sessions currently holding locks on that table, Module schemas and objects of idbasolutions does just that.
Display and map sessions that are waiting on each other, and quickly resolve the lock issue by knowing exactly which users and what SQL’s are involved.
Other products often do not have any mean to navigate locks for a given object from within object lookup window, which is a must have when investigating users complaining about slowness or hung.

Navigate Invalid Objects:

DBA must be able to display and investigate all invalid objects for all schemas.
Using idbasolutions, invalid objects of any object type for all schemas are just a click away. Same thing for objects needing statistics, which also is at a click away.
Other products often do not offer any mean to display and investigate all invalid objects, which is very important for applications administration.

Describe tables:

idbasolutions allows you to describe a table, display all its columns then click on a column and see right away if the column is indexed, if so it displays the index name and its DDL. This is extremely useful when tuning a SQL in which the From clause brings you to a large table and you want to know if the columns in the Where clause are indexed.

EBusiness module:

idbasolutions optional EBusiness module allows you to navigate currently running concurrent programs and map them to a database session ID, requestor name and corresponding SQL and explain plan. Most other similar products do not offer an interface into Oracle EBusiness.
Please note that Ebusiness version of idbasolutions will FAIL to start if you do not have Oracle Ebusiness FND tables and views. Ebusiness module only runs against an Oracle database running Oracle Ebusiness 11.5.9, 11.5.10, or 12.

Navigate Waits:

Oracle Wait Interface module of idbasolutions allows navigating all database wait events and map them to database sessions and corresponding SQL and explain plan.
Other products either do not offer this feature or if they do, the wait events drilldowns usually display a long list of wait conditions whether you currently have it or not, as opposed to idbasolutions which offers a lot friendlier and easier navigation into database wait conditions where you can navigate current live wait conditions or navigate history of waits by occurrence or time waited.

Navigate Storage:

idbasolutions Storage Module allows navigation of all tablespaces and datafiles, see the largest objects in that tablespace, or 80% full tablespaces, displays associated datafiles size and autoextent setting, which are vital when investigating running out of space issues.

Navigate DBMS job:

Other products offer navigation into DBMS jobs but often only display the interval of the job but not what the job actually does, as opposed to idbasolutions, which displays frequency, and what the job does.

Swift investigation and resolution:

Another important point is the way all this is presented to the user which allows quick navigations from table to indexes to DDL, or from object to session and into the SQL, locks and the execution plan.
Other products often display overwhelming sometime un-necessary amount of data and confusing charts as opposed to idbasolutions, which displays just enough for swift investigation and resolution.

Please navigate to Product Demo Tab and lookup each modules Power Point presentation; which should give you a better understanding of how idbasolutions allows easy navigation into database objects, sessions, storage, wait conditions, memory structures and more, all with drill-down sub-windows in a cascading and intuitive fashion.

Or navigate to Free Version tab and download a Demo limited copy of idbasolutions for you to keep and use at no charge.

We are Oracle Certified Professional DBA, and HP Certified Unix Systems
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