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  • Disclaimer:

    1. Please note that idbasolutions applications and tools has never caused any harm to Oracle database objects or updated or deleted any data in the Oracle database during testing and while being used in production systems, despite that we recommend first testing in TEST instances and using this tool in production with cautious and at your own risk. We recommend closing the tool gracefully at the end of each business day.
    2. This tool accesses Oracle database as read only; meaning it will not update any data at the target database. If displayed rows in java forms are modified, this will cause the application to prompt your to commit or rollback when you exit the application, in which case click rollback. This does not mean that any data has been modified, this is java forms believing that data has been modified in the java forms and asking if you want to commit. At no time any data has been modified at the database level.
    3. All thought extensive testing had shown that data retrieved by our application and tools are accurate to our best knowledge, idbasolutions however do not guaranty the accuracy of all the data retrieved from the database.
    4. idbasolutions is not responsible for how you interpret the displayed rows by our database application tools and actions you decide to take if those actions you taken turn out to negatively impact your systems.
    5. idbasolutions is not responsible for stolen database passwords, securing the environment where idbasolutions database tool is being run is your responsibility.

Install Notes:
Please note that idbasolutions currently only runs from c:\ and has only been tested on Windows platform (XP and Windows 7).
Once installed, you can use idbasolutions to connect to an Oracle database running on a Windows or a Unix type OS. Nothing is required to be installed on the Target database system, just follow steps in Database Requirements below.

1) Ebusiness version of idbasolutions will FAIL to start if you do not have Oracle Ebusiness FND tables and views. Ebusiness module only runs against an Oracle database running Oracle Ebusiness 11.5.9, 11.5.10, or 12.

2) idbasolution Regular Full version will fail to start for Oracle XE (Express Edition) please download idbasolutions Light.

3) Oracle database 12c: idbasolutions database navigation tool can be run against Oracle database 12c only when you do not use pluggable database (PDB). Running our database tool against PDBs currently not supported. In 12c if you get ora-01017 when logging in, then refer to this page for a quick fix:


Installing it in any other location but c:\ would not work.
Tech support only available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tech support response time could take up to 40 hours.

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Database Requirements

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How to connect to Oracle Unix

How to connect to Oracle Windows

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Thank you for your interest in idbasolutions.

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