implementing Java 1.4 with Oracle E-Business

Disclaimer: Apply to a TEST environment first. Use on production systems is at DBAs own risk.


Metalink Notes:

Note: 300482.1 : Overview of Using Java with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i

Note: 246105.1 : Using J2SE Version 1.4 with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, Release 11.5.9 or Higher

Shutdown apps.


Be sure to download the 32-bit Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, and not the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE), Standard Edition. Do not use the 64-bit version, which is not supported.

HP HP/UX J2SE 1.4.2

db_node-applprod-/opt/java1.4/bin> java -version

java version “″

Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build

Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 1.4.2 PA2.0 (aCC_AP), mixed mode)

Upgrading Java 1.3 to 1.4 for Oracle applications

interoperability patches:

All required E-Business Suite interoperability patches are included in Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 with the exception of

5702519 –>Already there.

4709948 –>Already there.

Stop all Application Tier Server Processes

Enable maintenance mode.

AD Utilities patch:

The AD Utilities patch 3975013 –>Already there. 135K

–>If upgrading AD utilities to use J2SE 1.4, also ensure that JInitiator has been upgraded to at least version 1.3. We recommend upgrading to JInitiator version 1.3 before upgrading the AD utilities to use J2SE 1.4. Oracle JInitiator 1.3 is compatible with all existing Java versions used by AD utilities (e.g. 1.1.8 and 1.4.2).

–>On my desktop at C:\Program Files\Oracle I can see that we run JInitiator, but the java console of TRAIN shows Oracle JInitiator version So if I upgrade AD utilities to java 1.4 I first need to upgrade Oracle JInitiator.

See Note 124606.1 titled Upgrading Oracle JInitiator with Oracle Applications 11i.

Reading the entire 124606.1 it looks like upgrading jinit to will affect all modules and there are post patches for GL and BIS. And some other behivours are also different in 1.3.1 from our current jinit 1.1.8

Therefore upgrading jinit will require a lot more testing.

The only reason I got into this document and researched the jinit upgrade was as part of the upgrade Oracle apps to use Java 1.4 and that note 246105.1 says if you want to upgrade AD utilities to use Java 1.4 then you must first upgrade jinit, and since upgrading AD utilities to Java 1.4 is optional at this moment according to note 246105.1 therefore I will pass on upgrading AD utilities and jinit. We will not do jinit and AD util upgrade at this moment util it becomes mandatory, if ever it becomes mandatory. The other factor here is that once we upgrade to Oracle apps 12, there will be no more jinitiator.

Configur all Application Tier Nodes to Support J2SE 1.4:

cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin jdktop=/opt/java1.4 log=java14_upgrade_node1.log appspass=your_password

This would run for a few seconds and propmts you:

Do you want to run AutoConfig now (y/n) [y] :

–>respond by y

–>This runs for about 10 minutes no errors. Last message was: completed.

java14_upgrade_node1.log –>Shows ne errors.

On each node run AutoConfig:

Logout and logon again.

As applprod

cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/PROD_db_node




On node2:


cat APPSORA.env

vi $APPL_TOP/<SID>_host.env (sample: /u03/app/R11i/testappl/TEST_apps_node.env)

and search for FORMS60_PATH and add the following right after the first entery where


Regenerate the “” File & Product JAR Files:

log out and log back it to refresh env.

Run ADAdmin point the log to adadmin_java14_upgrade.log, and choose the menu options “Generate Applications Files” then “Generate Product JAR Files” to update

Do you wish to force regeneration of all jar files? [No] ? yes

–>I choosed to force regeneration of all jar files even thought document 246105.1 does not specify what to do here.

–>On node1 it run for close to 15 minutes no error with the following message:

Successfully created new

Copied from AU_TOP to JAVA_TOP.

–>On node2 it run for 2 and 1/2 hours no errors.

Successfully created new

Copied from AU_TOP to JAVA_TOP.


Node1: /u01/app/R11i/prodappl/admin/PROD/log/adadmin_java14_upgrade.log

Node2: /u02/app/R11i/prodappl/admin/PROD/log/adadmin_java14_upgrade.log

Restart all Application Tier Server Processes

–>All started successfully.


Verify the Application Tier Node Configurations:


start URL to http://[web server]:[port]/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp


Follow the instructions given by the JSP page. Once logged into the Oracle E-Business Suite database (host hannibal), look at the first page of the resulting pages to see the J2SE version and the class path information.

The version should display “1.4.x_y”, where x is the certified maintenance level, and y depends on the J2SE 1.4 patch level installed. Also verify that the necessary J2SE 1.4 libraries (i.e. [JDK14_TOP]/lib/dt.jar, [JDK14_TOP]/lib/tools.jar, [JDK14_TOP]/jre/lib/rt.jar, and [JDK14_TOP]/jre/lib/charsets.jar) are included in the CLASSPATH

–>test is a success and it shows Java Version Number: and other stuff paths are correctly set such as:






Previously om Java 1.3 Oracle apps processes named java used to use around 516M of memory, there are 3 java processes on Node2 for TEST and 3 for PROD:

apps_node-appltest-/home/appltest> ps -aef | grep -i java | grep -i prod

applprod 24407 24405 2 Nov 8 ? 6:04 /opt/java1.3/jre/bin/../bin/PA_RISC2.0/native_threads/java -ver

applprod 24408 24405 2 Nov 8 ? 6:38 /opt/java1.3/jre/bin/../bin/PA_RISC2.0/native_threads/java -ver

applprod 28528 24405 2 13:07:24 ? 1:12 /opt/java1.3/jre/bin/../bin/PA_RISC2.0/native_threads/java -ver

After java 1.4 upgrade these apps java use around 765M. So the conclusion is that java 1.4 requires more physical memory.

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