Applying hrglobal patch notes

How to apply hrglobal.drv: This document outlines the steps involved applying hrglobal on 11.5.9 systems, and might help you when applying hrglobal patches or applying patches that refer you to apply hrglobal.

Disclaimer: Apply to a TEST environment first. Use on production systems is at DBAs own risk.

Important note:

Data Installer and the hrglobal.drv must be run after every HRMS patchset according to the instructions delivered in the patchsets/minipacks/family packs, minipacks, family packs. Always apply the most current version of the hrglobal.drv.

If you are applying multiple minipacks/patchsets consecutively e.g. PER then PAY then BEN, you can run the Data Installer and relevant hrglobal.drv driver after all of the patchsets/minipacks are applied.

Applying hrglobal patch notes:

Applying hrglobal patch (patche such as 3500755)

Read the readme of the patch and apply all pre-reqs.

Readme will ask you also to run datainstall, see section D for that.

D) running datainstall only on the database/CM node:

run: jre oracle.apps.per.DataInstall apps apps thin database_node:1526:TEST

à In this sample the instance name is TEST apps password is apps database server name is database_node and TNS port is 1526, please modify this accordingly.

Once datainstall started select option 1 and Force Install the following (for US only setting) (1I, 55I, 56I):

1 Global Oracle Human Resources Installed Force Install

55 United States Oracle Human Resources Installed Force Install

56 United States Oracle Payroll Installed Force Install

Do both legislative and JIT/Geocode

For JIT/Geocode do both:

1 JIT/Geocode

2 Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)

Now apply the patch then hrglobal.drv as seen here:

1) then run adpatch for driver c3168710.drv located at the staging area of the unzipped dowmloaded patch on all nodes starting with the admin node where database and concurrent managers are running.

2) Then run adpatch for hrglobal.drv located at $PER_TOP/patch/115/driver Only needs to be run on database/CM node.


For adpatch log file see $APPL_TOP/admin/SID/log/

Note 145837.1 latest version of hrglobal.drv

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As of 27-Sep-06:

Open Metalink Note 145837.1

You will find at the bottom of the note: MASTER LEGISLATIVE HRGLOBAL PREREQ LIST (for use in Step 2) that is a table containing a bunch of patches.

For example we are currently on 11i.HR_PF.K RUP1 5055050, so under that column, the first row is Global (and US). This represents the HRGlobal. Download patches listed for global which are 5408725 and 5391090 by simply clicking on both of these links and you will be brought to the downloadable version of these files.

Apply 5408725 and 5391090 then follow step 3 and 4 of Metalink Note 145837.1 which are to run datainstall and apply adpatch for hrglobal.drv located at $PER_TOP/patch/115/driver

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