Archivelog mode

Oracle Database Archivelog mode

Disclaimer: Apply to a TEST environment first. Use on production systems is at DBAs own risk.

This document outlines steps to verify whether your Oracle database is on archivelog mode.

This document also outlines steps involved on how to set your Oracle database to run on archivelog mode.

Verify current mode:

select log_mode from v$database;

Set to archivelog mode:

Shutdown immediate, startup and shutdown normal

startup mount

alter database archivelog;

alter database open;

select log_mode from v$database;

show parameter log_archive_start

Related init parameters:

Set init or spfile to something like the following:

log_archive_dest = //u07/oradata/PROD/Archive

log_archive_format = %S.arc

log_archive_start = true

alter system archive log start;

Relating ORA- Errors:

ORA-00258: manual archiving in NOARCHIVELOG mode must identify log

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