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We can help you or your clients, covering a vast area of database related technologies and more, such as the following to name a few:

20 years of database administration & implementation.

We are Oracle Certified Professional.

We are HP IT Professional

Oracle: 9i, 10g, 11i and 12c.

  • Database new install. Design physical & logical database layout.
  • Database upgrade to the next Release.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Install and configuration.
  • Oracle gateway DG4MSQL Install and configuration; gateway from Oracle to SQL Server.
  • Oracle gateway DG4ODBC Install and configuration.
  • SQLNet/ODBC configuration.
  • SQL Tuning.
  • Database performance tuning.
  • Advanced database programming using SQL, SQL*PLUS, & PL/SQL. Stored packages, functions, procedures & database triggers.
  • Set up monitoring & tuning databases, applications & OS performances using Shell, SQL & PL/SQL & OEM.
  • Custom scripts to automate database jobs such as refresh jobs, rebuild indexes, gather stats and so on.
  • Any other database issues such as out of space tables/indexes, table space full, database down and so on.

Oracle Ebusiness:

  • Install Oracle Ebusiness 11.5.9, and 12. Multi tier node implementations.
  • Oracle Applications cloning (Rapid clone).
  • Oracle Ebusiness patching; Oracle Financials and Oracle Payroll.

GERS Retail Systems:

  • We have extensive hands on experience with GERS ERP systems and can help you implement, tune or write custom codes.

SQL Server:

  • Install and configuration.
  • Install Oracle Gateway 11g R2 DG4MSQL and configure for distributed transactions between Oracle instance and SQL Server.
  • Create and maintain multiple Oracle gateways each engaging into distributed transactions with a single SQL Server database.
  • Create and configure linked servers to Oracle.
  • Create policy based management to monitor and generate alerts on events such as blocked sessions, excessive active database sessions, free disk space falling below a certain threshold and so on.
  • Create maintenance plans for backup, clean ups, statistics and so on.
  • Create SQL Server Alerts to monitor for events such as Version store shrinks, Database or transaction log full to name a few.

Unix systems administration:

  • Advanced experience with Unix systems administration; HP-Unix .
    Schedule nightly database & system jobs such as RMAN nightly database backup from OS crontab.
  • Kernel parameters modifications to accommodate Oracle memory components & processes.
  • Design OS file systems layout. Create & extend volume group, logical group, file systems & SWAP.

Backup, recovery and cloning:

  • Advanced hands on experience with RMAN recovery procedures.
  • Backup and recovery strategy implementation.
  • Restore and recover database from backup.
  • Database exports, imports and refreshes.

IIS 7 and 6:

  • We can help install IIS 7 and migrate your current II 6 implementations to IIS 7.
  • Performance tuning of IIS 7.

Windows server:

  • Implement Network Load balancing.
  • Set up FTP server.
  • Configure Remote Desktop Services


Thank you for your interest in idbasolutions.

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